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Rogue Valley Genealogical Society News

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Genealogy Week 2014

Genealogy Week 2014 is nearly upon us. Follow this link, Genealogy Week, for more information.

Annual Report

The RVGS Annual Report is now available. Follow this link, Annual Report, to view it.

Quilts and Genealogy

Once upon a time . . . the very talented quilters from the Jacksonville Museum Quilters Guild set out to make unique quilts, each with a story to tell about the inhabitants and early history of the Rogue Valley. Many years later the collection found itself without a home. Ultimately, the historical quilt collection was donated to the Jackson County Genealogy Library (JCGL) where the quilts are displayed in the reading room at the Library.
One of the objectives of the JCGL Quilt Committee is to focus on the relationship of quilts to family history and genealogy. Toward that end, we will continue the series of “Quilts and Genealogy” talks from September 2014 to June 2015. These talks are given on the fourth Tuesday each month (except for December) at 1:30 pm at JCGL. Follow this link, Talk Schedule, for a complete schedule of the topics, presenters and pictures of the featured quilts.


The Rogue Valley Genealogical Society (RVGS) produces two electronic publications:

The monthly Between Us Diggers (EBUD) is a newsletter which it distributed to members via email. It includes news of upcoming monthly RVGS meetings, JCGL genealogy classes, new and ongoing projects, and other activities of interest to members. The editor is Barbara Basden, who can be reached via email at She also produces a blog, which includes late-breaking news as well as links to back issues of the EBUD.

The quarterly Rogue Digger is a genealogical periodical that reports information helpful to researchers as well as the results of genealogical investigations related to the Rogue Valley. The editor is Cara Davis-Jacobson, who can be reached via email at

Follow the links below to see early issues of the BUD as well as both earlier and current issues of the Rogue Digger.

RVGS also publishes a blog intended to apprise its members of the very latest news from the Society. You can view the RVGS blog by following this link, Read Our Blog. There is also a link to it on our home page. To sign up for our email newsletter, the EBUD, click on the subscribe link below.

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